Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Well-meaning but misguided religious terrorism

I am usually more sympathetic to conservative, evangelical Christians than most of my friends are. That is the stock from which I come, and I know that they hold some keys to understanding and surviving in this death-dealing culture that liberals will never find on their own.

Then along comes one of them who wrote this letter and I want to check my pacifism into a blind trust, join the jihad, and brain somebody.

* * * *
I have been finding great comfort and wisdom in reading Badger's other writings in her blog Badgerings. She has recently suffered the death of her much too-young husband and her writing about the experience has been poignant and powerful.

I found Badger through Songbird who I also have been enjoying, though I wish she hadn't published her photo on the blog, shattering my mental image of her. This happens all the time, with me mostly with radio personalities (is that the right word?). They seldom, if ever, look look like they sound, even this one with whom I was friends in college and I know what she looks like.

Studs Terkel is the outstanding exception.

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