Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Non-conformists Unite!

Finally, a union for liberal Friends. A great number of persons to be gathered. We could sing the songs of ourselves together in different keys at the same time in one grand cacaphony of unified diversity. We could all go on strike, but at different times, whenever we felt like it. We no long need to hide our skepticism under our bonnets; we can wear it boldly on our bumpers and lapels, whenever we're led to.
I'd write more, but I have to get my tongue out of my cheek.


Dave Carl said...

Great idea, Paul. I say lets all join together and see if they'll give us a group rate on membership dues. We'll need a committee of someone from each yearly meeting to coordinate our efforts. I'll cover SCYM. Any other takers?

Chris M. said...

I'll take Pacific Yearly Meeting. But first we'll need a clearness committee to see if we can do something with any other yearly meetings. We are Beanites, after all!

Oh, and save me one of the golf shirts, would you, please? I think it'd look just ducky out on the links! :)