Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Beware of birds bearing gifts

Earlier this year, I posted some thoughts about Christmas that used the example of the man who cares for the ravens who inhabit the Tower of London to illustrate the kind of faithfulness and devotion that informs why I keep Christmas.

Then I read this article in the morning paper. I'm not quite sure what it means in terms of my illustration, unless it means that the threat to the faith is closer, more imminent, and calls for extraordinary measures.

Speaking of bird flu, I've been going through an unusual week-long bout of something fluish -- sore throat, cough, fever, occasional sinus headaches, fatigue, etc. So I've been working only partial days, doing that which needs to be done, and spending most of the rest of the time in bed.

I did go to a Finnish friend's log home on the Minnesota River Sunday night for dinner and a sauna. We used the log sauna house about fifty yards across the snow from the house. It was dark, crowded, smokey, and hot.

The Finn didn't fire it up to his customary heat level out of deference to the five women with us (including 11 year-old Youngest Daughter). He was very gracious, but said the less-than-full heat made him feel claustophobic, like being in a crowded elevator. Something else that's relative, I guess. All I know is that it was as hot as I've ever been and that I felt purified and cleansed for hours afterwards.

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