Sunday, August 20, 2006

Present Joys

I stayed up waaaay too long last night writing a comment on an Important Subject only to be foiled by an anti-spam password test that I think I solved correctly (9+9 does still equal 18, right?) but couldn't get past the Pixilated Guards. Alas, I'll mull it over a bit more and I'll post it someday soon, perhaps here.

But at this very moment, early in a perfect Minnesota evening, I just want to list some of the present joys of my life that I've experienced in the last 48 hours as an exercise in gratitude:

Listening to Youngest Daughter practice Vivaldi's Spring and Holst's Jupiter on the piano. Over and over again.

Hanging laundry in the backyard on a cool summer morning.

Bringing the laundry in at dusk, all stiff and fresh smelling.

A cold bottle of beer.

The way the big lilac tree looks after I've pruned it and how now I can see the neighbors' backyards.

Sitting in the passenger seat as Only Son drove the car to his friend's house on his learner's permit.

Listening to the Twins game on the radio, on the porch, in the dark.

Solving the Saturday New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

The first cup of coffee in the morning.

Finding my nametag hanging right where I left it at the meetinghouse so I can slip it on when I'm just in time for meeting.

Looking around the room at the 8:30 meeting for worship and seeing nine Friends who were in Quakerism 101 classes I've co-led, only one of whom did I know before the class. (That would be Lovely Wife.)

Folding laundry in the yard and hearing through an open window 15-year old Only Son shout good-naturedly "I'm a man I tell you!" as his explanation to his sister as to why acne treatment doesn't work on him.

A freshly picked -- still warm -- and sliced home-grown tomato on a slice of rye bread.

Walking in my new pair of Crocs shoes.


Practicing "Soldiers Joy" on my banjo.

The way Youngest Daughter rolled her eyes and smiled at me on the train today when she caught me telling a tall tale.

The pretty bouquet of flowers from our yard Youngest Daughter set on the table on the porch.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Robin M. said...

try typing the answer in numbers instead of letters, or vice versa.

Good to count our blessings as often as possible

Chris M. said...

"Brethren, pray, and holy manna
will be shower'd all around!"

If we but have eyes to see...

Thanks for opening mine up a little bit more today!

-- Chris M.

Marshall Massey (Iowa YM [C]) said...

I think Zach's software forgets which addition problem it's given you after a few minutes have passed. My solution is to type my comment, not in the little box provided, but in a plain-Jane word processor on my laptop (I use NoteTab Standard) and then, when I've finished composing it, refresh the screen in my browser (which gets me a new addition problem). Then I quickly cut-and-paste my comment into the little box, fill in the personal information, solve the new addition problem, and Send.

That's a very fine flower arrangement, by-the-bye!

Zach said...

Hi Paul, sorry for the bug... I've changed it from the math plugin to a more flexible one that allows verbal questions and answers.

quakerdave said...

We had a number of Friends at our Meeting speak on the notion of gratitude during recent meetings for Worship. It's something none of us thinks enough about. You have given me pause this evening: I whine and rant a lot on my blog. I may have to think about this for tomorrow. I'd do me some good. Thanks.

Lorcan said...

Name tags!!! There is a great idea! I put together a photo book of names and photos of members and attenders, designed a binding that could be unlaced and added to... a lot of work, and needs to be updated agains soon... Nametags! Simple!
Well, I am feeling rather red faced, I am known to make banjo jokes at Irish sessions... ( I play the Uilleann Pipes ) so when you go to my photo site on Flickr, forgive the Bodhran player photo's title "At least it is not a Banjo!" I acctually own an old Irish Tenor banjo, and used to have a five string, fretless for American folk music...
Does thee play any Irish tunes? If so, I'll have to take thee round to some of the sessions if thee finds thyself in New York... penence for my banjo jokes!!!
Well, Paul, sounds like a blessed time for thee and thine, thank'ee for sharing this joy with us all.
Thine in the light
PS Send me an email and I will send thee a CD of my song about Mary Dyer, Truth is My Athority, suitable for shape note singing!

Phil Grove said...

Really enjoyed this post!!