Monday, April 10, 2006

Christ among the Partisians

With his characteristic clarity, Garry Wills's piece in Sunday's New York Times "Christ among the Partisians" sheds a lot of light and wisdom that Friends (including this one) could do well to take to heart.

(It's funny: At meeting yesterday, both ministers spoke very near the end of the hour and cited as their texts National Public Radio and the New York Times respectively. My first inclination was to roll my closed eyes, but I resisted the urge and found their calls for commitment to peace in Iraq and justice for immigrants to be genuine and authentic and spoke to my condition of complacency. I wonder whether I'll be able to resist speaking to Wills' NYT piece myself next week?)

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Chris M. said...

Wow. Thanks, Paul. It gives me chills to read Wills' piece. I love the line from Flannery O'Connor, though at the same time it's disturbing. But then, so was Jesus.