Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Bible bloggers?

David Plotz at has completed his blogging of the Hebrew Bible and is taking a break. He writes:

That said, this is only a temporary stop. I'm writing a book based on Blogging the Bible—distilling it to its best parts and adding lots of new material. That will be published next year. And I'm also searching for a wry Christian writer who can blog the New Testament for Slate. (Nominations accepted at!)
I look forward to Plotz's book. I think it might prove an excellent resource for biblically illiterate Quakers to find their way through the Good Book in a way that is intelligent, humorous, and meaningful.

I'd sure love to see a qualfied Quaker Bible-reader/writer apply for this position. The crew at Friendly Skripture Study may be a good place to start.


Peggy Senger Parsons said...


I just wrote a self-nomination to David PLotz. You want to write and second my nomination?


Paul L said...

No sooner said than done.