Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Up visiting friends

This is one of those nights I haven't had too many of lately, where sleep won't come. So, being between good books, I've been off visiting friends I've met through blogging.

One in particular I've grown very fond of was an early commentator here. She is a much more diligent blogger than I am, writing nearly every day. For that I'm grateful, for she has exposed a hundred points in her life with which I feel a connection, and which make me feel less lonely. I now realize that this is one reason why she's a pastor, and such a good one, even to a long-distance lurker in the back of her electronic congregation.

Here is her story that I read tonight that touches me in some odd way I don't understand; I've never felt the kind of disappointment she's describing as far as I can remember, but hearing her tell it somehow makes me feel as if I could, if necessary.

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Songbird said...

Thank you, Paul.